How to Finish
Your Research Paper without Trouble

A research paper is basically your point of view about a topic based on a careful examination that you have done. An outstanding assignment is not a summary of thoughts of other scholars, experts, or specialists; rather, your own critical thoughts about a subject under study.

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Writing a paper may seem difficult to deal with, so try using the sources below to complete your work successfully.

How to Undertake Academic Research Effectively

Best Ways To Complete a Project

    Steps To A Top Notch Research Paper

    1. Get to work.
    2. It’s recommended to start as soon as you’re given the assignment. Make sure that you stay focused, so turn off any distractions, understand what is needed to be done, identify the milestones for each step in the writing process, and create a schedule.

    3. Generate a manageable topic idea.
    4. If you aren’t given a topic by your professor, you should consider what you would like to write your paper about. You need to pick something relevant to your course. Some good ideas can come from reference books, newspapers, magazines, television, and encyclopedias. Weekly Essay makes essay writing a piece of cake.

    5. Study the sources and take notes.
    6. Research is a continuous process, but it’s necessary to complete a preliminary literature review to clarify your topic and formulate the working thesis. There are many types of sources, such as academic journals, websites, interviews, etc., each one has its pros and cons.

    7. Develop a strong thesis statement.
    8. A good thesis is a single, concise sentence which declares what you’re going to argue in the rest of your paper. Don’t provide evidence or specific arguments. It should express your idea, position, or perspective and appear at the end of the introduction.

    9. Create an outline.
    10. An outline helps you organize your notes, identify the key points of your argument, select evidence, order your ideas in a logical way, and figure out whether you require more material to support your position or not.

    11. Complete three main sections.
    12. Your first draft should consist of three main sections. First, introduce your topic, present the purpose of your writing, and provide your thesis. Second, describe your key points and support them with evidence. Third, tie everything together in a conclusion.

    13. Edit your first draft.
    14. Revising and reviewing your draft is an important part of your work. It’s a good idea to wait a day between completing your draft and editing it so that you’ll get a fresh perspective. You may ask your friend to read your paper to get an outside opinion useful to improve your assignment.

    15. Proofread your writing.
    16. This is the final step of the writing process. You need to catch grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes to present your work in the best light possible. Besides, check the formatting of your text, citations, and bibliography and cut unnecessary details and repetitions.